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Getting started
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Configure your workstation
  by Frezza-Buet Herve

With intercell software (the booz suite indeed), you can view the status of an execution on the cluster on your office wokstation. To do so, several pieces of software have to be installed on your PC.

The PC must have the linux system. We recommand a fedora distribution since we provide binary packages for it. Nevertheless, any other is ok, but softwares will be installed from source .tar.gz in this case.

Installation with fedora

Put the following green stuff in it.

name="Supelec (metz campus)"

Then, use yum to install the whole stuff (root password will be required)

Installation from sources (non fedora users)

You have to install software from sources, in the right order. See here how to install .tar.gz packages.

Dependancies with non Supelec packages can be solved by using standard ones (libdlade2-dev, gtkglext-dev, etc...). The Supelec packages can be found here. They have to be installed in the following order

- jpeg-c++
- mirage
- glop
- glop-gtk
- boozin
- booz-network
- booz-gui
- escabooz