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Road map
  by Frezza-Buet Herve

May 14th, 2007

Meeting at Supélec about ParXXL, where Stéphane Vialle and Jens Gustedt have presented to the partners the ParXXL library, that is the core of InterCell.

Stéphane Vialle has presented the slides he has used in the following conference :

J. GUSTEDT, S. VIALLE, A. DE VIVO, parXXL : A Fine Grained Development Environment on Coarse Grained Architectures. In PARA-06 : Worshop on state-of-the-art in scientific and parallel computing, Umea, Sweden, 2006.

The minutes of the meeting (in french) can be downloaded here.

Since October 2007

Setting up of the cluster infrastructure.

September 30th 2008

unveiling ceremony

End of May 2009

First release of booz, the C++ library that adds interactivity and smart cellular programming to underlying ParXXL services.

June 15th 2009

Meeting in Nancy (Loria).

- Agenda (in french).
- Minutes (in french).


- From Nicolas Fressengeas : slides, printable version.
- From Jens Gustedt : slides

June 20th 2009

First release of EscaBooz, the software suite that translates high level cellular descriptions (generated from Escapade), to actual C++ code (using booz) of the simulator.

July 7th 2009

Presentation of the project at the "Modélisation et Simulation Numérique pour les Matériaux et Procédés" seminar of Materalia

September 17th 2009

Presentation of the project at the Neurocomp09 conference.

October 28th 2009

First release of the whole PDE solving software suite.

November 14-20 2009

Presentation of the project at SupercComputing’09 by Jens Gustedt and Séphane Vialle.

November 26th 2009

Formation day for the usage of Intercell for PDE solving.

November 27th 2009

Presentation of the project at the Institut Jean Lamour meeting "Calcul parallèle intensif", Nancy.

January 5th 2010

Release of the bijama library, for cortical modelling on the cluster.

June 18th 2010

Presentation of the project at the Solstice 2010 conference.